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DBI is one of eight Authorized Technological Service Institutes (GTS institutes), all of which are private, independent not for profit organizations. This means, among other things, that DBI is independent of political and economic interests, and that we make our knowledge available to all on commercial terms. As GTS institute, we sell knowledge and advice.

By combining the charitable purpose with a commercial operation the GTS institutes have created an effective way to develop and disseminate knowledge to a large number of enterprises in areas of vital importance to Danish industry.

Technology experts
The GTS institutes are all professional experts with a high technical level in each of our field. We have the task of promoting the development and use of the latest knowledge.

The GTS institutes cooperate with businesses on innovation within technology and market. Typical tasks include testing, optimizing, quality assurance, certification, benchmarking and improving skills - all to the benefit of the international competitiveness and society in general.

Group mission
As small and medium-sized enterprises have a special need for easy access to the latest research-based knowledge, the institutes are under a special obligation to serve these companies.

The group aims at paving the way for more innovative and competitive Danish businesses through two primary functions:

1. Creating innovation and development in Danish businesses
2. Maintaining and developing the technological infrastructure in Denmark

Obligation to research and develop
The GTS institutes participate in a number of research and development projects in cooperation with businesses and research institutions in Denmark and abroad. Not least the global activities enable the institutes to be constantly up-to-date on the latest trends and thus to develop services ahead of market demand.

GTS network spans wide
Overall, the nine GTS institutes make up one of the largest consulting environments in Denmark. Together we have approximately 3,400 highly qualified employees and more than 20,000 Danish customers each year.

The GTS Advanced Technology Group consists of the following institutes:

GTS Advanced Technology Group is a member of EARTO, the European trade association representing more than 350 research and technology organizations (RTOs) from across Europe.

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