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The copying of products and misuse of brands can have negative effects such as financial losses and poor reputations, and such topics are often sensitive for companies. Few companies seek to advertise that they are battling criminal players.

With DBI, you can speak in full confidentiality about any suspected or actual cases of product counterfeiting and trademark violation. Our many years of experience in investigating and protecting brands means that we know the importance of discretion and of quickly initiating an effective investigation.

The work involved with protecting a business from counterfeit products varies from company to company. We therefore adapt the actual assignment based on your individual needs.

Have your brand monitored with brand protection
If you would like to catch counterfeit products before they reach the market, we can offer ongoing brand monitoring services to protect your brand. This creates overview, and covers and provides you with documentation of ‘attacks’ and any potential trademark violations.

Our investigators have built up many years of brand protection expertise, and they use a fine-meshed method that includes the monitoring of everything from ordinary stores to the larger media outlets such as chat rooms, social media, etc. We also make control purchases, both physically and via the Internet, wherever counterfeit merchandise may be sold. At the same time, we provide the necessary documentation that any governmental agency will approve of for a possible report.

Monitoring and protection of strategies and new products
Some companies find that the competition is surprisingly well informed about new products soon to be launched and may even beat you to the punch, or that secret product information pops up on the Internet.

DBI can also help monitor and protect your company’s strategies and new products, as well as conduct investigations if there are suspected leaks of information and confidential documents. We employ many of the same methods and tools as those used in personal and IT investigations.

Tracking stolen goods
If a large shipment of merchandise is stolen from your company, our investigators can begin tracking the products online and investigate suspected employees' computers and mobiles to map out any suspicious digital behaviour. Read more about our work with IT forensics.

Need help?
Contact us for a no-obligation chat about how we can safeguard your products, brands and information to the greatest possible extent.

If you're in need of an impartial review of your security and/or access conditions, DBI’s experienced security consultants can help you become better protected against theft and other potential threats.

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