We perform many kinds of tests for fire testing of materials, components and systems for buildings and ships, as well as fire testing of materials such as textiles, upholstery materials, life jackets, toys etc. We also conduct tests on gas equipment and tests on fire-extinguishing equipment.

DBI - The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology has a modern fire laboratory with qualified staff serving customers from home and abroad. More than 1,000 fire tests are carried out in the laboratory each year. This is why advising on test standards and testing is a natural part of our services.

Testing is performed to international and Danish fire test standards, published, amongst others, by CEN, DS, IMO, ISO and Nordtest - most of them as accredited tests. DBI is accredited by DANAK, the national accreditation body in Denmark, to perform tests according to the current list of methods. Tests are also performed on an ad hoc basis, as development tests, indicative tests or as part of manufacturer's quality control.

DBI has a tradition for testing materials, components and constructions for buildings and ships. Many authorities and classification societies accept DBI test reports. The institute is Notified Body under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and under the Gas Appliances Directive (GAD). Within the ship construction area, DBI is officially recognised by the administrations of leading maritime nations. DBI Certification is Notified Body for fire protection equipment within the framework of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).
Furthermore, we are authorized by the U.S. Coast Guard to perform tests of materials and constructions.

DBI is continuously working towards obtaining recognition of our test reports by even more authorities and classification societies. We endeavor to advise our customers on achieving the optimum utilisation of the testing carried out by us.

For further information on testing possibilities and prices, please call us or send an e-mail to dbi@dbi-net.dk.

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