Consulting services for high-risk companies


At DBI, we are experts in advising companies that are subject to the Danish Ministry of the Environment's risk directive concerning safety documents and risk analysis/assessment of plant and processes, as well as of potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

ATEX (an abbreviation for “Atmosphere Explosive”) is designed to address OHSE measures for employees who may be exposed to the hazards of explosive atmospheres.

DBI can prepare the documentation required to meet regulatory requirements and emergency preparedness legislation. The ATEX directive requires companies to prepare a document describing conditions in potentially explosive atmospheres, and the document must be regularly updated.

DBI can provide consulting services throughout the process, and we have many years of experience in this field – both in terms of identifying risks and composing contingency plans. We have worked for insurance companies, oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical firms, the chemicals industry and sectors that use or prepare flammable material.

Let us safeguard your company.

Carsten Strüwing Hansen
Fire Safety Consultant

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Lars Vædeled Roed
Fire Safety Engineer B.Sc. (Eng.), Master og Fire Safety

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