Corporate investigation

DBI’s investigative unit has many years of experience in areas such as police work and IT, and the staff works both proactively and reactively to safeguard companies. We are specialists in business investigative work, with a particular focus on trademark protection in a number of areas, including pharmaceuticals, electronics and others.

Preventive investigative work

We proactively help companies prevent fraud and misuse by e.g. performing thorough security background checks of new employees, or by regularly monitoring trademarks and brands that are in danger of piracy or violation.

Clarifying investigative work
If on the other hand your company has already suffered losses through the likes of leaks, trademark violation through e.g. counterfeit products or other security breaches, DBI can investigate the matter. We thereby ensure that any damages are limited as much as possible, and that any similar situations can be prevented in the future.

IT-based investigation

Our most important work resources consist of information and analytical tools, securing the evidence, and the Internet, which we use in almost all cases. We therefore know how you can best protect the business’ vital data against theft and misuse. At the same time, we are also happy to help to recreate databases that have been erased or destroyed.

Need help?
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Fire investigations are carried out by DBI's experienced fire investigators.

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