Data reconstruction

Unlike cases involving IT forensics, in which an employee intentionally misuses the company’s data, business critical data can also be destroyed unintentionally such as when coffee is spilled on a computer, or when a mobile phone is lost or damaged, etc.

Data reconstruction
DBI has the necessary technical set-up, knowledge and methods to save data from a ‘dead’ computer, or if an employee accidentally erases important data. We’ve recovered data from even the most severely damaged devices. As such, you won't lose out on invaluable data and will even save time by not having to perform the same lost work twice.

Read more about how data reconstruction can constitute both a risk and a huge help in DBI’s free technical journal Brand & Sikring (in Danish).

Data destruction

The data you erase from your computer does not immediately disappear. It actually remains stored on the computer, which means that with the right technical tools, it can be regenerated and recovered. This constitutes an underestimated risk for companies if data is not removed before the computer is passed on to a new employee, is sold or is disposed of with confidential data.

DBI has the equipment and skills needed to ensure your company’s computers and mobile phones can be securely reused or sold. Our specially trained IT investigators can effectively remove all data, various viruses and Trojan horses from computers, mobile phones and the like.

Three good tips for securing your data:

  1. Keep track of your company’s internal equipment reuse
  2. Consider how you should dispose of equipment
  3. Have a contingency plan in place in the event of lost data

Let DBI help
We will gladly help you to securely manage your data, regardless of whether it needs to be removed or reconstructed. Contact one of our talented skilled IT investigators for a confidential chat about your needs.

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