IT forensics

IT forensics, or computer forensics, is an advanced method of investigation whereby you analyse data and examine digital footprints left behind on, for example, computers and mobile phones. On the basis of this analysis, it is possible to map the digital behaviour of an individual. The IT forensics discipline is used, for example, by the police for investigating terrorism, fraud and criminal behaviour.

Various forms of misuse of company data

Fraud and the misuse of data can take many forms. It could involve the misuse of information, deleted data or illegal content on the company's computers or the theft of data. At DBI we are trained in IT forensics and can document employees' behaviour on the company's IT solutions. We have the competencies and the technical set-up to perform the tasks and we provide valid legal documentation that can be used in any resultant court case.

Our investigators can help with, for example:
The gathering of proof of misuse and fraud
The setting-up of timelines for electronic activities
The re-establishment of deleted data and e-mails
Detection of whether or not data has been copied to external storage devices, for example, a USB stick
Advice on the protection of data against theft and misuse

Let DBI help

Do you suspect that the company's data is being misused? Then contact one of our experienced IT investigators for a confidential chat.

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