Exotic touch of DBI on new international project

DBI’s five international PhD students that over the next four years will be working on a new European project, Fire Tools, have arrived in Denmark. The Fire Tools project is run by DBI in collaboration with Lund University.

The five PhD students will carry out research with focus on creating computing simulation methodologies, tools and models to increase the usability of fire tests conducted on building products and construction elements which act as fire barriers (i.e. real fire tests in laboratory or pilot facilities) by fire properties simulations.

This way, the project aims at helping enterprises to simulate and predict fire performance of materials, products and structures earlier in their product, and thus they will be able to save both time and money.

The five PhD students come from Malaysia, Australia, India, Spain and Latvia and will after a two-week induction program at DBI start the one-year study at Lund University. Hereafter, they will devote themselves to the practical work at DBI for the remaining three years of the course.

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