Fire Investigation


DBI provides the best possible basis for correctly determining the cause of fire, liability and compensation.

As one of Scandinavia's only companies certified to perform fire investigations, DBI is your guarantee that the assignment will be completed in accordance with approved methods and standards.

The results obtained by DBI are highly accredited in court cases.

Fire investigation provides answers
Did the fire occur due to a malfunction in the electrical installations, a hazardous use of open flame, a lightning strike, vandalism, break-in or arson? Did the fire detection and extinguishing systems work as intended? How did the fire develop?

These are just some of the questions asked by the police, insurance companies and owners of lost assets following a fire. And another obvious question can be added to the list: What can we do to prevent something like this from happening again?

DBI is called in to assist in some 700 cases involving of fire each year. We have a team of specially trained fire investigators who are always ready to mobilise and perform technical investigations of the scene of the fire in order to obtain answers to as many of these questions as possible.

DBI can investigate the cause of fire in both buildings and mobile units such as motor vehicles, ships and airplanes. Our list of clients includes the police, insurance companies as well as companies, public institutions and private individuals.

DBI has over 25 years of experience in fire investigation. We most often find the cause of ignition and propagation of the fires we investigate.

We work in accordance with accredited methods and standards, and our conclusions are objective, impartial and well documented.

In short, DBI provides the best possible basis for correctly determining the cause of fire, liability and compensation. Furthermore, our results are highly accredited in court cases.

This also holds true of so-called ‘hazard declarations’, which is a technical assessment of the risks to humans, animals and large material assets in connection with a fire.

DBI furthermore offers project-based investigations, inspections and estimates following a fire, laboratory studies, testing and reconstructions, as well as fire analysis in relation to research and development.

DBI is one of Scandinavia's only companies certified to perform fire investigations. DBI is accredited by DANAK (reg. no. 9035).

DANAK stands for Dansk Akkreditering, or The Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund in English. DANAK is a Danish body authorised to issue official accreditations and approvals. DBI's accreditations serve as recognition of our quality assurance system, including the actual performance of our impartial investigations.

DBI’s accredited investigations are based on the following standards:

  • DBI’s quality assurance system and appertaining manuals, in compliance with DS/EN ISO/IEC 17020, including guidelines 4/99.
  • The Nordic Manual for Investigating the Cause of Fires (Nordisk Manual – Brandårsagsefterforskning)

The results of the investigation are conclusive and are supported by detailed documentation, which may be supplemented by photos, sketches and appendices.

DBI’s investigations are impartial and are legally regarded as expert statements. As such, our employees are regularly called to testify in court cases.

Our fire investigators are members of FBU, which is a Swedish association of fire investigators. FBU, in turn, is a member of the IAAI. Our fire investigators who perform maritime investigations are also members of the IAMI.

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