Fire resistance testing of maritime constructions

Large testing frame

The 4.5 m heigh furnace

DBI is conveniently located in an industrial area south of Copenhagen only 3 minutes from motorway E20, 10 minutes from Kastrup Airport and 20 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen.

The DBI fire resistance laboratory is a large modern laboratory with all facilities necessary for testing in accordance with the newest test standards specified in the FTP Code. The laboratory has got two furnaces for classification tests and a model furnace for exploratory tests.

The wall furnace has got an opening of 3.2 x 3.2 m. Steel bulkheads for mounting of A-Class doors and windows can be standard IMO dimensions 2.42/3.02 m x 2.48 m as well as 3.18 x 3.18 m. So an A-Class door up to 2.58 m width can be tested. This furnace is also used for testing pipe penetrations and cable transits.

A loading frame is available for testing of load-bearing bulkheads not having steel or aluminium core as prescribed in the High Speed Craft Code.

The combined furnace has dimensions 3.2 x 3.2 x 6.0 m (width x height x length). This furnace is normally used for testing B-Class ceilings and A-Class decks with or without pipe or cable penetrations. The B-Class ceilings can be tested up to a length of 4 meters.

The furnace can also be converted to a 4.5 m high wall furnace. This height is normally not required for testing marine constructions, but the development of large shopping malls onboard cruise vessels requires increasingly taller glazed partitions.
All fire resistance tests specified in the FTP Code can be performed in the DBI laboratory

The tests can also be performed as hydrocarbon tests with a furnace temperature following the hydrocarbon curve specified in EN 1363-3.

Facilities for construction of test specimen
The laboratory has got all tools and equipment necessary for mounting your test specimen:

  • Crane 15 ton.
  • Forklift.
  • Lift.
  • Welding equipment: MIG, electrode and acetylene.
  • Stud welding for steel pins.
  • Nail gun for fixing steel profiles to the B-Class specimen frames.
  • Various power tools and hand tools.
Our skilled welder may assist you with the construction work.

We normally have only one client in the laboratory, which ensures your privacy.

Certain tests require time consuming construction work. This can be performed in a separate hall, screened from the laboratory.

A separate locker room with shower will be at your disposal during your stay.

The staff at DBI has got extensive experience with fire testing of marine products. A number of special information sheets are available and you also are welcome to contact us.

Other tests performed by DBI.
Resistance to fire test of building constructions according to various EN-standards.
Reaction to fire tests for marine and building products.

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