Fire testing of material


In order to be used in Europe materials used in construction must, for the most part, have a European fire classification in accordance with the Construction Products Directive. In most cases, the classification is based on tests conducted to determine how products or materials react in the event of fire.

DBI has achieved good results in comparative calibrations with other laboratories. As a DBI customer, you will receive high quality reports which enjoy a solid reputation for reliability.
DBI also offers a large number of tests tailored to your own specific needs.

These tests can be carried out, for instance, in conjunction with product development or the evaluation of products or materials.

Do you need a specific material tested? This could, for instance, be in conjunction with product development or to provide documentation that your customer's requirements for a product have been met. Contact DBI. DBI has tested a wide variety of different products - everything from tea light candles to fancy dress costumes.

Many product examples
DBI can help make the test less voluminous and therefore less costly by grouping your products.

If, for example, a carpet manufacturer has to carry out tests on many different types of carpets, these are grouped together according to thickness, weight and composition.

Subsequently, an example of the thickest and the thinnest is tested. This way, it is not necessary to test all product examples, since the tests conducted can tell you something about the group as a whole.


Facts DBI has the facilities for all of the relevant testing of materials' reaction to fire; e.g.:
  • The Single Burning Item (SBI) test, in accordance with, EN 13823 provides information on heat generation, smoke generation, flame spread and burning droplets/particles.
  • Non-combustibility in accordance with ISO 1182.
  • The Radiant Panel test in accordance with the EN ISO 9239-1 standard.
  • Calorific value in accordance with ISO 1716. All IMO tests in accordance with the FTP codes.
For further information see the method list (pdf) and DBI method FIRE01



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