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Safety and security in the event of a fire are fundamental functional requirements for Danish buildings. When it comes to implementing function-based fire requirements in the Danish construction sector and the subsequent governmental processing review, there are much greater requirements for fire safety technology documentation – both in terms of extent and quality. DBI’s fire safety technology consultants can ensure that buildings meet both emergency and construction regulatory requirements, while taking into account special architectural and design wishes.

DBI’s fire advisory division offers consulting services in all facets of fire safety technology. Nobody knows more than we do about how companies, housing associations, institutions, shopping centres, schools, hospital and all others protect lives and livelihoods from fire.

DBI offers fire advisory services on a consultant or project basis that can be billed based on a fixed price or time spent. You are always welcome to request an offer for our fire safety technology consulting services.

The services DBI offers within the field of fire safety technology consulting include:

  • Fire safety technology from A to Z
  • Project review of existing and future projects
  • Assessments of building sections and materials
  • Risk-based dimensioning of contingency plans
  • Technical oversight of potential fire conditions
  • Consulting in connection with competitive projects and the like
  • Technical assistance for meetings with regulatory boards
  • Third-party inspection

DBI also offers:
  • Preparation of fire strategies and fire safety descriptions
  • Fire and evacuation simulations (fire safety technology documentation)
  • Operational, inspection and maintenance plans
  • Consulting in connection with procurement and service agreements
  • Consulting services for high-risk companies
  • Inspection and evaluation consulting
  • Fire consulting in Norway (fire concept in Class 3)

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