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Fire safety technology documentation is a complex field. However, the term is most often used in connection with function-based dimensioning of fire safety in buildings.

DBI’s fire consulting division has conducted fire and evacuation simulation in a great number of building projects and has significant experience in using a wide array of calculation methods to document acceptable fire safety levels.

Fire safety technology documentation must always be adapted to the building or problem at hand, and it may vary both in character and extent. When completing fire safety technology documentation (fire safety technology dimensioning), DBI’s fire safety consultants always perform a detailed fire safety review to cover all the options and limitations, with a view to implementing the right design.

Fire safety technology documentation is often either a fire simulation or an evacuation simulation, or a combination of both.

Fire simulation is most often used to determine how much time elapses between the start of a fire to when it has created critical conditions for people or emergency preparedness in the building, while the evacuation simulation is used to determine the building’s evacuation time.

DBI offers fire simulation services based on the following calculation methods:
Hand calculation
Two-zone models (Argos)
CFD models

CFD simulations are increasingly being used in connection with the function-based fire requirements for fireproofing large and/or complex buildings, such as shopping centres, tunnels, rooms with high ceilings such as atria or high bay warehouses, as well as spaces with a great deal of forced ventilation under fire conditions. When simulating temperature development, visibility, air speed, etc., the fire ventilation, smoke screens, replacement air and the like can be dimensioned.

When calculating evacuation time and analysing evacuation conditions, the evacuation simulation is offered either as a hand calculation or by using 3D models such as Simulex and buildingEXODUS.

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