Fire strategy

The degree of flexibility in the construction industry’s fire requirements has become greater over time. As a result, the level of creativity in architectural studios has also become greater. This presents a challenge for most building developers. Special knowledge is thus necessary if one truly hopes to make use of the possibilities afforded by the regulatory requirements and innovative architecture, while complying with the laws concerning documentation and fire safety.

By consulting with DBI, you gain access to the latest knowledge in fire safety and years of comprehensive experience from a wealth of building projects. DBI’s fire consultants ensure that buildings both comply with construction and emergency preparedness laws, and satisfy architectural and functional desires.

Involving DBI early on in renovation and new construction projects is always a good investment – preferably during the project planning phase. By taking fire safety into account early in the project, developers can usually avoid having to interrupt functional and design considerations later on to make room for the necessary fire safety technology. Also, in our experience, there is money to be saved by mapping out all options and combinations in the initial phases.

Among the documentation that DBI can prepare for you are:

  • Fire strategy and fire safety description
  • Fire safety preparation
  • Fire concept in Class 3 (fire consulting in Norway)

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