Fire testing and classification of horizontal dividing structures


DBI can conduct fire testing of your horizontal dividing structures.

DBI can, on the basis of its knowledge of standards and legislation, help you tailor your development and testing functions on the basis of which markets you want to break into and, consequently, which approvals you need.

Horizontal dividing structures
The fire protection properties of horizontal dividing structures are important in order to maintain stability of the building and prevent the spread of fire.

Fire safety requirements for horizontal dividing structures
A horizontal dividing structure is a load-bearing building element where the fire protection requirements depend on the location of the dividing structure in the building and the area, height and use of the building, as well as any active fireproofing implemented.

Depending on these conditions, horizontal dividing structures may be fire classified according to the European system as building element in class REI 30, REI 60, REI 60 A2-s1,d0 or REI 120 A2-s1,d0.

In the Danish system, the corresponding fire classes are BD-building element 30, BD-building element 60, BS-building element 60 and BS-building element 120.

See the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority’s Collection of examples for fire protection of buildings for determination of the class of fire.

Before the fire test
The following points have to be clarified prior to the fire testing of horizontal dividing structures:
Determine which span and load factors are to be used in the fire test. These values are determined on the basis of the use of the horizontal dividing structure according to Eurocodes.

If the construction is to meet the requirement for material class A2-s1,d0, any incorporated products must also meet this requirement.

Fire testing
Fire testing of horizontal dividing structures can be carried out in two ways, based on European and Danish standards respectively.

The European test method is outlined in the standard DS/EN 1365-2. A positive result will be able to be used for a European classification in accordance with DS/EN 13501-2 or according to the Danish standard, DS 1052.1.

The Danish test method is outlined in DS 1051.1. A positive result is classified according to DS 1052.1.

Please note that a test in accordance with DS 1051.1 cannot be used for a European classification. If the horizontal dividing structure is to be used abroad, it is advantageous to use the European system, even if testing according to European standards is more comprehensive.

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