Fire-testing of textiles

The fire-testing of textiles with regard to fire safety may be a requirement. DBI has many years' experience in the fire-testing and classification of textiles, both for maritime use and for use in buildings.

As a DBI customer, you will receive a report that is recognised widely by authorities and classification companies. DBI has the knowledge and experience required for setting up an optimal testing process based on your specific needs.

Before the test
General rules have been adopted by IMO, but the interpretation of these rules may differ between national authorities and classification societies and it is therefore important to determine which type approvals should be obtained and to consult the relevant bodies. DBI has wide experience in co-operating with national authorities and classification societies and can offer guidance about what to do, so that the process of testing will follow the proper requirements.

The material shall be tested and evaluated in accordance with the test procedure which is specified in the Annex to resolution A.563(14) of the FTP Code.

DBI advises
It is often a good idea to have an exploratory test carried out before the actual comprehensive and more expensive approval testing takes place.



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