Fire Tools project

Project aim
The purpose with the Fire Tools project is to create computer simulating tools, methods and models that can optimize the traditional and time-consuming fire tests. A successful completion of the Fire Tools project will create savings in both time and money for fire tests in the future, which will benefit the overall innovation in the construction industry.

Five international Ph.D. students are working at the project. They contribute with important and useful knowledge about modelling and simulation of fire safety, and will for the years to come run the scientific work for 'fire modelling tools and techniques'.

DBI’s part of the project
DBI is coordinator of the project but cooperates with Lund University in Sweden, where the five Ph.D. students follow a special course programme. The students has spent the first year at Lund University and will continue their studies the remaining three years at DBI.

Lund University

Fire Tools started in January 2013 and is financed by the EU.

For further information, see our project website.

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