When liquids burn, it is the fumes that burn and not the liquid itself. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid gives off fumes in an ignitable concentration.

The flash point of a liquid is determined, for instance, in order to formulate legal requirements for storing and transportation.

At DBI, the flash point is either determined precisely in accordance with ISO 3679 or as a flash/no flash determination in accordance with ISO 3680 (more often than not, this is used to determine whether the flash point is above/below, for example, 21C or 55 C in connection with storage).

Both methods are given in EU directive 84/449/EEC Appendix A.9

For determining the flash point DBI needs approx. 100ml of the liquid. It is even possible to determine the flash point for extremely viscous liquids or substances in a solid state at room temperature.

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