Gas Equipment


Certification and Testing

The objectives and tasks

  • As appointed Notified Body for the Gas Appliance Directive, to conduct CE type-certification of gas appliances
  • As Danish certification agency, to conduct DG type-certification of installation components, gas appliances and equipment outside the scope of the Gas Appliance Directive
  • To conduct unit-verification of individual gas appliances and gas installations
  • To approve the QA system at gas appliance manufacturers

Products and companies
Both CE type-certification and DG type-certification are based on two elements:
  • Type-examination, based on laboratory testing for conformity with the essential requirements of the directives and harmonized EN standards
  • Approval and surveillance of production control by manufacturers, based on the use of QA systems or other systems accredited in the directives
DBI can CE-approve all products covered by the Gas Appliance Directive for domestic and commercial use; similarly, DG approves special burners and appliances for industrial use.

Products can be certified for all supply situations involving town gas, natural gas and LPG.

Certification of companies covers manufacturers of gas equipment in connection with CE or DG approvals.

All DBI’s work is based on a QA system for conformity with CEN 29000 (ISO 9000 series) and, in the case of various work items, the EN 45000 series.

DBI can offer laboratory testing for all installation components and gas appliances for domestic, commercial and industrial use with a maximum heat input of 100 kW. For larger appliances, DBI can offer testing in situ as part of a unit-verification system for the gas appliance alone or covering the whole installation.

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