How to apply for certification (harmonised standard)


Harmonised standard of EN 54 series: (Ref. to Annex ZA in the harmonised standard)

On this page you can read how to apply for certification (harmonised standard) at DBI.

General information
The certification of a product for conformity to a harmonised standard in the EN 54 series of standards requires the assistance of a notified Certification Body and a notified product testing laboratory.

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The Notified Product Certification Body has the responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Type testing of the product 
  • Initial inspection of the factory and factory production control (FPC)
  • Initial and continuous surveillance, assessment and approval of the FPC.

The Notified Product Testing Laboratory performs the type testing of the product.

The manufacturer or agent applying for certification is free to choose the test laboratory and Certification Body, as long as they have an European Community notified body number and are notified to perform  the specific tasks.

A list of notified bodies with description of their scope of notification can be found on NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations).

The general terms and conditions for product certification as well as the requirements for certification are outlined in the two documents RL 100 and RL 200. We recommend that you make you self familiar with the content of these.

For your convenience, please find further below, the more practical guide to the certification process.

Getting started
If you are considering CE-certification at DBI - Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, please send an enquiry for certification by e-mail to DBI Certification with at least the following information:

  • Product type
  • Relevant standard, if possible
  • Manufacturer (Full name and address)
  • Place of production (Full address)
  • Notified testing laboratory if any chosen yet
  • Information on the product: Proto-type or already in production.

Please feel free also to include any other inquiry regarding price, delivery time etc. that you may have.

Application for certification
If you wish to apply for CE-certification please fill in an application for certification and send it to DBI - Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, att.: Certification.

Selection of test objects

The selection of test objects to be send to the test laboratory must follow the procedures for certification against a harmonised standard.

In order to determine the procedure for selection of test objects, DBI needs to know, whether the product is a proto-type or an item already in production.

If proto-type
you can select the test samples yourselves and send the test sample directly to the notified test laboratory, provided it is specifically mentioned in the Standard.

The number of test objects to be submitted is determined in agreement with the testing laboratory, as this depends on the requirements of the actual test standard.

If already in production
you need DBI to select the test objects. Please arrange this with DBI certification. The number of test object is to be agreed with the test laboratory according to the requirements of the actual standard.

After the selection of test objects, individual marked by DBI at the time of selection, DBI afterwards sends a sampling report to the test laboratory, to secure the traceability from place of selection to test laboratory.

In their test report, the test laboratory has to declare the conformity between the marking of the received product and the marking specified in the sampling report.

Type testing
Type testing is performed by the notified test laboratory according to the requirements of the harmonised product standard. DBI has no influence of the procedures in the test laboratory, so please contact the test laboratory if there are questions related to the type testing itself.

After testing the test laboratory issues a test report including a list of updated technical documentation for the tested product.

Test report, technical documentation, declaration of conformity and label
In order for the certification body to proceed with the certification process, the type test must have shown conformity with the requirements.

The test report and copies of the technical documentation, as listed in the test report, must be forwarded to DBI.

A draft of the declaration of conformity  to the actual EN 54 standard and a copy/drawing of the label has to be added to the documentation. The declaration has to fulfil the requirements given in the Annex ZA to the relevant standard.

Place of production
DBI has to perform an initial inspection of the factory and factory production control (FPC). If there is more than one production facility, each place has to be visited. In some cases inspection must be carried out at subcontractors’ premises as well.

Following the initial inspection, DBI issues an inspection report.

Inspection-/audit report
It is a requirement that the result of the inspection is positive to proceed with the certification procedures.

Assessment of test report and inspection report
The test report, the inspection report and the technical documentation are assessed by DBI.

If all are acceptable, DBI issues an EC certificate of conformity.
The EC certificate allows the manufacturer to mark the product as given in Annez ZA in the given EN 54 standard.

Annual surveillance 
To maintain the validity of the issued certificate, the certification body has to carry out an annual inspection of the factory and FPC.

Following the annual inspection DBI issues an inspection report.
The result of the inspection, given in the inspection report, has to be acceptable to the Certification Body, to maintain the validity of the issued certificate.

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