Material testing of building elements

DBI offers fire-testing and fire classification of a long list of construction products with a view to obtaining CE marking or documentation that the specific requirements stipulated in the Building Regulations have been complied with.

DBI Testing has a short delivery time and it is the only testing laboratory with an in-depth knowledge of Danish requirements.

You can read more about what DBI can do for your company in selected areas here:

Example: Suspended ceilings EN13964
Suspended ceilings must be fire-tested in order to meet fire requirements. The fire requirements for suspended ceilings are relatively stringent in order to protect against fire in the cavity between the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling structure. These requirements include the stipulation that Class A materials must be used on both sides of the suspended ceiling.

DBI knows both the specific European requirements and the Danish requirements for suspended ceilings. Consequently, we are able to plan and carry out the testing so that the customer obtains the optimal return from the results.



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