Operations, inspection and maintenance

Fire safety must be maintained throughout a building’s lifetime. This means that fire safety installations and building sections should be regularly inspected and maintained.

To ensure there is a working system for performing regular inspection and maintenance work, operations, inspection and maintenance plans (OIM plans) must be drawn up, so that the level of safety in areas like fire and working environment is upheld throughout the use and operation of the building.

OIM plans are a legal requirement for most new constructions, and DBI is able to see to the full process in this regard, i.e. approval from governmental agencies and implementation at the company; alternatively, you can use DBI as an advisory partner.

When developing an OIM plan, DBI will clarify the areas of responsibility, focus areas, etc., as well as set up procedures and instructions for the building's fire safety operations and maintenance.

DBI can also draw up:

  • Space division plans
  • Escape route plans
  • Instructions

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