Consulting in connection with procurement and service agreements


Technical procurement consulting that will help you reach your goals!
Public and private institutions often face complex challenges when sending fire and safety technology installations and their subsequent maintenance and service out to tender. There is often time and money to be saved by involving technical specialists in the process.

DBI has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience with procurement cases in fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Furthermore, we have solid experience with advising on service contracts in connection with both fire and other technical safety systems.

Among the advantages of working with us, we can play an active role in drawing up fire safety requirement specifications for such systems, clarify the installation process and enter into contracts with the selected installation technician.

DBI can provide consulting services or manage the entire process of selecting systems and suppliers. It is up to you to decide the extent to which we will be involved. We can also provide quality assurance services for a system following installation, so that you can be sure that you get what you agreed on (and paid for!).

Invite DBI to work with you on the sidelines, and rest assured that your goals will be met.

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