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DBI issues CE certification for gas-consuming appliances, subject to the Gas Appliances Directive 90/396/EEC, and national DG-approvals for installation components and gas-consuming equipment outside the directive’s sphere of application, based on the provisions of the Gas Regulations.

CE and DG approval is usually based on a type approval of the gas material, but may also consist of a unit approval for single units.

Type approval of gas material
Approval of gas material in the form of installation components and gas consuming equipment is issued on the basis of the following:

The Gas regulations’ Section C-1 Provisions concerning the conformity assessment, sales, marketing and deployment of gas material.

The Gas regulations’ Section C-2 Provisions for the construction, function and labelling of gas material.

These regulations implement the Gas Appliances Directive 90/396/EEC, and the purely national DG approval scheme based on the same philosophy as the Gas Appliances Directive.

An approval of gas material involves
The issuance of a CE or DG type testing certificate on the basis of laboratory testing of a sample of the material on the basis of the essential requirements of the Gas Regulations’ Section C-1 and the relevant harmonised standards.

Approval of the manufacturer's production control system for the gas material covered by type testing certificates based on the conformity modules listed in the Gas Regulations’ Section C-1, which primarily involves the requirements for quality assurance.

Continuous monitoring of the manufacturer's production control system, primarily through verification of the quality assurance system and its ability to ensure that production conforms to type testing certificates. The inspection and testing of gas material samples may also occur.

Unit verification of gas material
Unit verification is the term the Gas Appliances Directive uses as an opportunity to approve individual or small series of gas material. This concept is generally introduced in the following:
The Gas Regulations’ Section C-8 Provisions for unit verification.

During the unit verification of gas material, DBI assesses the documentation of any of the gas material’s approvals from another country, and decides whether to carry out testing of the equipment either in the laboratory or on-site.

In the event the gas material fulfils the documentation requirements, DBI will issue its own unit testing labels to be affixed to the equipment.

Gas Appliance Directive (GAD) 90/396/EEC (engelsk)
CE Approval of Gas Equipment: Guidelines for Manufacturers and Suppliers

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