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Risk management is when a company's management tries to gain an overview of the factors which may place a financial burden on the company. Internal and external factors are accounted for, including fire, theft, waste, threats, etc.

With qualified risk management, a company or municipality can protect lives and assets. Risk management also brings about significant savings on insurance premiums and potential property damage and personal injury.

Risk management is about ethics, finances and one’s specific approach. From an ethical standpoint, one must consider the risks to which one is willing to expose one’s employees, users or municipal inhabitants. Financially, prevention expenses must be compared with the costs of potential injury, insurance premiums, stoppage, replacements, etc. Finally, one’s approach to risk management should result in specific policies, plans and initiatives.

The basis of risk management
Qualified risk management is based on the company or municipal body establishing risk management and security policies – which requires internal support for the project.

Together with DBI, you will undergo a process in which DBI analyses, plans and completes the tender for you.

It begins with the completion of a security analysis
(Step 1)
Risk management begins with a review of the company, from bottom to top, to assess the likelihood of potential damages (fire, vandalism, theft, etc.), followed by an assessment of the resulting economic consequences.

(Step 2)
Once the likelihood of damages and resulting economic consequences has been assessed, it is then possible to begin calculating how and where this likelihood can be minimised, as well the costs of prevention.

When possible damages and consequences have been assessed and calculated, a plan of action is devised for the focus areas involved.

From start to goal
DBI works with risk managements at all levels. DBI has assembled a team of employees who possess both knowledge and competencies in safety, security and insurance matters.

DBI will help you to establish an effective risk management system and will be there to guide your company through the various phases – from strategy development and planning to implementation.

DBI works independently of suppliers of security products and services, as well as of insurance companies. As such, we are able to provide you with fully impartial consulting services.

As a professional partner, DBI can guarantee that your company will get off to the right start and reach your goals.

Call DBI to learn more about risk management, and we welcome you to arrange no-obligation meeting with one of our employees.

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