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Create a sense of security and minimise costs through impartial safety and security consulting.

When investing in security equipment, companies are often advised by the supplier’s very own consultants. This is not impartial consulting, and as a result the client risks purchasing too much equipment and equipment that could have been acquired at a lower cost. There is much money to be saved by obtaining the right protection at the right price.

A company is itself responsible for ensuring that its security systems meet the requirements set by its insurance company. If these requirements are not satisfied, the consequences can be financially incalculable.

If you do not have the resources to obtain bids or to prepare tender material, DBI’s impartial consulting services can help. DBI’s security consultants research your actual security needs in relation to the insurance company's requirements. This ensures that the requirement specifications satisfy your functional requirements, as well as the laws and regulations that apply to tendering. DBI’s consultants possess knowledge and experience in the applicable norms, rules and insurance company requirements that apply to security levels.

Obtaining the right consulting services ensures the right delivery and the right contract terms and conditions. Impartial consulting also means that you need not allow the supplier of your security products to dictate the terms of the contract.

DBI also offers impartial consulting in selecting traditional security systems such as anti-theft protection, access control, video surveillance and mechanical security devices (e.g. fences, locks and doors). Together we will assess the optimal solution that best meets your needs, so that your assets and knowledge are protected to the greatest possible extent.

When anti-theft and fire alarm systems conflict
Security consists of a number of factors that do not necessarily pull in the same direction In the event of a fire, for example, it must be easy to exit the building and escape from the flames. At the same time, firemen must have fast and easy access. On the other hand, when it comes to theft protection it should be virtually impossible to enter and escape from the building. As retail and business anti-theft systems become increasingly effective, a new challenge is emerging.

DBI can help you to combine effective anti-theft protection with high fire safety, so that both your insurance company and the fire department will be satisfied.

This is brought about by the synergy created between DBI's fire and security consulting services. With DBI, you can obtain total consulting service which builds a bridge between the areas in which fire safety and anti-theft security conflict.

Security consulting may benefit you if:

  • you must satisfy many requirements from your insurance company
  • you feel that your existing agreements need to be reviewed
  • you wish to save money in the area of security.

An impartial review can be used to identify the possibilities concerning:

  • your desire to have your security systems and policies investigated and reviewed
  • your desire to get the most out of your existing systems
  • a security system tender
  • the implementation of security routines.

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