Security investigations

- be sure about whom you hire and promote

Security investigations/approvals, background checks or personal checks – no matter what we call the process, it's all about ensuring that a given person is who he or she claims to be and possesses the skills that are stated on an application. This is to ensure that the company does not hire new employees who might constitute a security risk, as well as to prevent a doubtful employee from being promoted to a position in which he or she would have access to confidential information.

Your security when hiring and promoting
Falsified documents, unreliable references, connections to criminals or unsuitable conduct on social media are becoming an increasingly serious problem when recruiting new employees. A security investigation from DBI creates the necessary degree of trust and comfort when recruiting key individuals or promoting internal employees.

Experience and knowledge – your guarantee of quality
The security investigation covers the relevant areas of the candidate’s background and makes known any potential problems before the hiring process advances and he or she is trusted with access to the company, or before an internal employee is promoted.

We adapt all of our security investigation reporting to meet your specific needs and wishes. We also closely document the areas that the security investigation covers for both our clients and partners. Among the things we look into are:

  • References (national and international)
  • CV verification and proof of education
  • Financial foundation and connections
  • Personal network
Our experienced investigators (some of whom have police training) work systematically and use advanced and well-tested methods. They know what they need to look for, as well as where and how. The security investigation results in an objective report that describes the aforementioned areas, as well as a summary that can support the basis of your decision for further action.
We would be pleased to have a no-obligation chat with you about your exact needs when it comes to checking on new or existing employees.

We also offer a ‘Be sure about whom you hire’ training course (in Danish) in which you can gain insight into how you can conduct a security investigation of job candidates on your own.

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