Task Force Pharma

As an increasing number of companies in the pharmaceutical industry find their products being copied and their trademarks being violated, demand for monitoring and investigation services has increased, particularly for providers that have particular knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

In response, DBI has established Task Force Pharma, which consists of specialised investigators who possess many years of experience with precisely this type of investigative assignment.

A common front
We hope to initiate a comprehensive effort to face the shared challenges posed by copied products within the pharmaceutical industry, and our partners include the police, the Danish tax authorities, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, and the Danish pharmaceutical industry’s trade association, LIF. We’re also participating in several research projects that will contribute advanced tools and knowledge to the investigation of counterfeit products online.

How can Task Force Pharma help you?
Typical assignments for Task Force Pharma include investigating copied medicines, trademark  violation, and cases of theft from pharmaceutical companies, which include both products and product secrets.

We can also conduct the important security investigations of future research employees, so that sensitive product information does not risk ending up in the wrong hands.

Let DBI help you
Contact us for a no-obligation chat about how Task Force Pharma can safeguard your products, trademarks and information to the greatest possible extent.

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