Weber "grilled" at DBI

The leading manufacturer of gas grills is having its products tested and approved in Denmark.

It has been many years since the open charcoal grill spread like wildfire from the United States to the rest of the world. But it was Weber’s kettle grill that truly set the stage for the worldwide grill revolution.

Since then, the market’s leading grill manufacturer, Weber-Stephen Products Co., has added electricity and gas to its products; in recent years, its gas-powered equipment has been particularly popular.

Weber-Stephen Products Co. planned to commence production on October 1st of gas grill models to be introduced on the market in 2010. Prior to this date, the safety of the grills had to be tested to secure CE certificates in accordance with EN 498, which are required prior to launch on the European market.

"Tests and approvals typically take place at the last minute," says Jay Johansmeier from Weber-Stephen Products Co. with a smile. But he is far from nervous, even though his products were "grilled" for a week at DBI’s gas laboratory in Hvidovre, Denmark.

Critical tests
These tests and CE-certification are critical to Weber’s ability to commence production on time and export the products not only to Europe, but also to a number of important markets in Asia and South America.

Jay, who is responsible for ensuring that Weber’s gas equipment is approved, travelled to Denmark with colleague and gas technician, Bill, to participate in the testing and CE certification of four new Weber models.

"Our tests of all the new models showed that the products fully meet all applicable safety requirements," says engineer KenTage Olesen, who is responsible for the tests at DBI’s gas laboratory.

Weber has about eight CE-certifications in accordance with EN 498, and ongoing product changes require updates of these certifications.

Satisfied with the cooperation
The people from Weber are well-prepared and have great trust in DBI, with whom they have collaborated for many years.

"We are very satisfied with our collaboration with DBI, which functions exceptionally well," says Jay Johansmeier.

He also enjoys visiting Denmark and especially Copenhagen, a city that he has visited many times in connection with his work. He enjoys visiting attractions such as our historic castles, and he relishes the city’s atmosphere and its small, cosy restaurants.

After an enjoyable and professionally successful week in Denmark, Jay and Bill travelled home with the desired certifications, so that the production in Palatine, near Chicago, could commence "just in time".

Weber’s representatives usually visit DBI once annually for the testing and certification of new and changed products.

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